Pregnant Woman from IVF Treatment

Why Choose Dr. Geoffrey Sher and Dr. Drew Tortoriello at Sher Fertility Solutions (SFS)?

“Leaders Among Leaders”

In 1982, Dr. Geoffrey Sher established the  first private IVF clinic in the U.S.A. In 1997 he and his business partner,  Ghanima Maassarani Dr, Med, founded the Sher Institutes for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) with offices nation-wide. Recently, the duo joined with Dr  Drew Tortoriello,to establish Sher-Fertility Solutions (SFS)-New York , New York, NY where both doctors perform IVF and related procedures on their patients.  While Dr Tortoriello’ primarily consults with patients in-person  at the SFS-NY office, Dr sher consults with both National and International (from >45 countries) patients, via online conferencing (largely using Face-Time and  Zoom), primarily from his Las Vegas, NV office . He then travels to SFS-NY four (times a year) to perform IVF and related procedures/ treatments  in n pre-scheduled batches (see below). Over several decades, Drs Sher and Tortoriello have collectively been influential in the births of >19,000 IVF babies and have published more than 300 scientific manuscripts and abstracts. Their work and pioneering contributions to the field of “Assisted Reproduction” and has earned them the reputation of being  “leaders among leaders”.

Excellent Results Even in the Toughest Cases

Couples/women  originating from >45 countries have sought consultation/treatment with  Drs Sher and Tortoriello. Even women with the most complex Reproductive issues such as (up to) 23 prior IVF failures  and >10 miscarriages (elsewhere) have experienced success after consulting with these Physicians.

True Fertility Innovators

Drs Sher and Tortoriello are recognized innovators in the field of Reproductive medicine. They have separately and collectively been responsible for numerous break-troughs in the IVF arena and his advice/treatment has helped  numerous patients, whose prior fertility efforts had  failed,  go “From Infertility to Family”.