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> If I only had

If I only had one shot at having a baby and I could pick any doctor in the world, I would pick Dr. Sher.

What was once a frantic google search has turned into the biggest blessing I’ve ever received. I found Dr. Sher almost a decade ago when scouring the internet for answers as to why I couldn’t get pregnant. I went to an OBGYN who told me I would never have biological children and that I needed to use donor eggs if I ever wanted to give birth to a baby because my FSH was elevated to 11.2, which according to that doctor meant I had diminished ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure. I was only 25 years old at the time and could not accept this answer. I went back to the internet and found Dr. Sher’s blog. Without expecting a response, I wrote my story. To my surprise I received an answer back the same day. I had never met a doctor in my life that responded to inquiries that quickly, especially from someone who wasn’t their patient.

Dr. Sher told me that my FSH meant nothing without other blood work to see the full picture, so I went and got the tests he suggested only to discover that my AMH was 4.4 and I had no signs of diminished ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure whatsoever, as was previously suggested. After these tests, I moved from the OB/GYN to a local reproductive endocrinologist who told me to just ignore the FSH and undergo an IVF cycle. This didn’t sit well with me. I just knew there was a reason my FSH was elevated, so I contacted Dr. Sher again with these results and he told me to have a laparoscopic surgery to check for endometriosis. Sure enough he was right. I had stage 2 endometriosis. The local RE told me surgery and IVF would overcome any issues from the endometriosis but Dr. Sher was not convinced at all, and suggested I get tested for immune implantation dysfunction. Low and behold Sher was right again. I had high natural killer cells and cytokines which would explain why after five years of trying to get pregnant, starting at the age of 20, I had no success despite my age and good ovarian reserve. My immune system was attacking pregnancies at the earliest stage- implantation.

With these results and an immune protocol, I moved on to IVF only to discover my fertility problems were not at an end. I did 3 cycles of IVF and in all of those cycles, I ovulated some or all eggs before retrieval and had used 3 different stimulation protocols in each cycle. The few embryos I got did not produce a pregnancy. I contacted numerous big league fertility specialists across the USA and even some overseas, none of which could give me an answer as to why this was happening, so I once again turned to Dr. Sher. He thoroughly reviewed my medical records, but he already knew what the problem was. “premature lutienization”. He then came up with a protocol just for me and the first transfer with that and immune treatment worked and I now have a six year old daughter… first Sher baby.

Five years later, I used his same protocol with Dr. Sher doing a little tweaking on the immune end, and now I have three month old twins. Three Sher babies.

Not only has Dr. Sher given me the recipe to create my family, he stood by me and held my hand throughout all of my IVF cycles, answering questions even on Christmas Day. He talked the treating fertility specialists through the protocols and was even there to answer questions while I was pregnant. He was always right about everything.

Dr. Sher is the king of IVF in my opinion. He is a wealth of information and a sweetheart. Fertility is his calling and everyone in my care that has ever spoken to him has been amazed at what a kind soul he is. He genuinely cares and just wants to see people succeeded and graciously shares his knowledge with the world often receiving nothing in return from what I see on his blog. I feel like to him, knowing he helped another person get the baby of their dreams is priceless. He has a real passion. This field of medicine comes as easy as breathing to him.

I look back and think of all the money I could have flushed down the toilet if I had continued on the IVF journey without him. You see without the immune protocol, no transfer would have worked. Most RE’s ignore the role the immune system plays in promoting a healthy pregnancy, and would have been happy to ignore the main issue that was preventing me from succeeding . This was prevented because of Dr.Sher. I was clearly a complex case to every doctor I had seen….except for him.

Bless your heart Dr. Sher. You mean the world to me, and I would not have my beautiful children without you. I never thought I would even have one child, and now because of you I have three.

Krystal Schier

Dr Sher is definitely a

Dr Sher is definitely a pioneer in ivf. We learned more about our case in just one hour online consultation with him than in the one year of 5 failed cycles that was done. Him and his assistant really care and work with purpose and integrity and compassion which is rare to find in the ivf world today.. Every patient is different and there no one solution that fits all. Look no further Dr Sher will treat your case with detail and give you an honest assessment and catered treatment. We can’t thank him enough for enlightening us. Thank you to Patty for always being so responsive.


We just had our consultation

We just had our consultation with Dr.Sher and he was the first doctor to confidently nail down the potential problem which could be preventing us from getting pregnant. He is honest and knowledgeable. We are now more hopeful just knowing there are other treatment options outside of the standard protocols. I wish we went to him sooner. My experience so far has been great starting with his assistant Patti. She is amazing and truly awesome! We are really looking forward to our journey with Dr.Sher and his team! Thank you!!

New Jersey

Before I share my feedback

Before I share my feedback on Dr. Sher and Patti Converse, Dr. Sher’s Administrative Assistant/Personal, I would like to tell you about myself and my husband. We have been struggling with infertility for the past 5 and half years. Before Dr. Sher, I worked with 6 Reproductive Endocrinologist and had 4 failed frozen embryo transfers (FET) despite following various protocols . After the 4th failed FET, I connected with Dr. Sher. After all these years of struggles, set backs, and heartbreaks, Dr. Sher was the ONLY doctor who based on my immune testing results diagnosed me with alloimmune, immunologic implantation dysfunction. I never received a proper/confirmed diagnoses for the cause of all these years of infertility and repeated implantation failures. To get an official diagnosis and know exactly why my body wasn’t allowing for a pregnancy to occur, feels like an elephant’s foot has been taken off my chest. My consultation with Dr. Sher lasted for 90 minutes. Dr. Sher was very thorough and detail orientated in his explanation and next steps. He gave me his number and said I can call him at anytime should I have any questions. Today, I gave him a call and he called me back within 10 minutes and was so helpful! Patti, is honestly God send and a GEM! She went above and beyond to make sure that I had my consultation with Dr. Sher. She also had the finance team work with my insurance to adjust my consultation cost. From day one she made it very clear that she is my point of contact and should I experience any types of challenges throughout this process to contact her. She is currently working with my insurance to help me maximize my benefits. Patti if you are reading this, when I see you I want to give you a tight hug for everything you have done for me thus far!!! All these experiences, truly capture why I will be partnering with Dr. Sher and Patti for my infertility treatment.

New Jersey

So far I have only

So far I have only had only a consultation with Dr.Sher and I feel like I learned more during the consult than the 6 years I have been trying to conceive. He is honest, straight forward, and kind. Just by speaking to him , I know he would exhaust all avenues to figure out what will be the right protocol for me and my circumstances. I just wish I went to him sooner. He is accessible and available to his patients. My experience so far has been great starting with this assistant Patti. She is absolutely amazing. Cant say enough how wonderful she is. It was a pleasure. Thank you so much!!

New York

Dr Sher is the only

Dr Sher is the only physician that worked with me to find out why I have been having IVF failures. He listened to me, investigated and he offered me a treatment plan.

Dr Sher is always so kind to me and remembers everything about me when we converse. It makes me feel like he truly cares about me as a person and wants me to succeed with IVF. Patti, his assistant is amazing! She is so sweet and always so helpful.

Going through this process is extremely stressful. But because Dr Sher, Patti and all of his staff at his NYC office are so amazing, they make it a lot less stressful.

I am extremely grateful that my research led me to Dr Sher. I have my first FET with him in a few weeks and for the first time in my IVF journey, I feel hopeful.

Thank you Dr Sher, from the bottom of my heart.
-Gina, Washington State


I am excited to announce

I am excited to announce we have a healthy baby boy! I am beyond thankful for Dr Sher, his beside manor, his protocol and for Patti! It is a miracle as I had been to three previous Ivf clinics (unsuccessfully) over the past 5 years before finding Dr Sher and thought that I was not going to be a mom. We trusted his recommendations and his experience. We can’t thank you enough but thank you so much Dr Sher for giving us our miracle!

Michelle Christie
Saskatchewan Canada

Dr. Sher and Patti are

Dr. Sher and Patti are a dynamic duo! Dr. Sher is clearly an expert in the field and he is a straight shooter. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Sher and his team for all of your IVF needs.

S. King-Balfour
Toronto, Canada

I feel very fortunate to

I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across Dr. Sher’s blog, what I learned about IVF success and protocols for those like me with DOR has been eye-opening. I felt lucky to receive a consult with such an experienced doctor who is such an expert in this field. And then I was blown away to find out he came out of retirement and you can still do IVF with him!

At the time of this review, my procedure is still 2-3 months away, but Dr. Sher has been great so far- he answered or promptly returned my phone calls, and I should have results from the specialty lab testing he does in about a week here and I can’t wait to find out a more complete picture about my fertility.

After struggling with infertility for so long, and interviewing different IVF clinics, I am so glad I just happened to find Dr. Sher. I feel very confident that his protocol will give me the best chance at a healthy embryo, and I look forward to IVF.

Jen D

Dr. Sher, Patti and Yari

Dr. Sher, Patti and Yari are absolutely amazing! At the time of this review, I have not undergone any of the procedures, yet I have felt support that I have never received from any doctor throughout this journey. I know more from that hour on the phone with Dr. Sher than I learned in 3 years with 4 other doctors. The entire team has gone above and beyond to help me with this process and I feel like I have known them for years. The empathy, care and compassion they demonstrate is unsurpassed. I would 100% recommend this team if you are looking for knowledge, empathy, and assistance that you need on your journey! Regardless of the results, this process has been far more positive than any of my other experiences and I look forward to what the future could bring. Stay tuned… 🙂

Megan J

Before I tell you about

Before I tell you about Dr. Sher and his staff at Sher Fertility Solutions- New York, I would like to tell you about my husband and myself. Jason and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years with no success. Our life together has been a world-wind filled with love and happiness! And here is where our story begins…
Our first date was in 2015 and I remember it so vividly. I was nervous because it had been such a long time since I had been out on a date. We pulled up to the restaurant and I got out. Our walk to the door was a little awkward for me. See, Jason was born with cerebral palsy and has to walk with crutches and I was unsure if I needed to walk with him or go ahead and open the door to the restaurant. I did both and by the end of the night it felt as if I had known him my whole life. He made me feel so comfortable and once I relaxed it was very easy to be myself.
Shortly after our first date his father was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer. Over the next few months, we did a lot of traveling on the weekends from Georgia to Tennessee to be with Mr. Jack, his dad. Jason loves his dad so much and watching him suffer from cancer was very hard. Jason always felt like his dad could do anything, including beating the cancer. At least that is what his dad had taught him. The doctors and specialist said Jason would never walk and they were doubtful of whether he would be able to live on his own, have a job, or take care of himself. His dad and mom helped him prove them all wrong. Several surgeries and a lot of physical and occupational therapy and Jason walked. Everyday tasks are harder for Jason and it takes him longer to do them, but he just gets it done. I have never met anyone who can make things happen like he does.
During this time, we started talking about getting married and starting a family. And on New Year’s Eve 2015, we were engaged. I was very happy and excited to start our new chapter. I had finally met someone who loved me for me, all of me. Once we were married, Jason moved into my house. He faced a few physical challenges getting adjusted to doing things a different way in a different place, but he has it down to a science now.
A month after being married, Jason’s dad passed away. Mr. Jack had just retired the year before and planned on spending his retirement years visiting his children and grandchildren. All of his years in the service kept him away a lot of Jason’s childhood. And he wanted to play catch up. I don’t know what it fells like to lose a parent, but my husband does know that pain and struggle.
And now we are facing the challenges of conceiving. Jason and I are both 43 years old and we want nothing more to have a baby. A little person to love that is part Jason and part Allison. Jason has low sperm count and I have older eggs. Time is not on our side. So, we started IVF/ICSI in Georgia with no success in 2017.
Jason and I then decided to try other options. I started acupuncture. It is very relaxing and I feel better after each treatment. My acupuncturist is very familiar with IVF. He and his wife had twins with IVF and he offered me more knowledge, support, encouragement, and suggestions. One of his suggestions was to call around for a second opinion. We did and before making a decision, we found out that I was pregnant in 2018, however I had a miscarriage in the first few weeks. A few months passed and we were pregnant again, this time ending in a schedule D&C in December 2018. By 2020 we had decided to try a facility in South Carolina. I had 2 IVF cycles that ended in 5 embryos, all with missing chromosomes.
And now I must talk about myself a little. I can tell you that I feel blessed. I had a great childhood with parents that love me. I am a daddy’s girl, but my mom is my best friend. I graduated from college and had a couple of successful jobs. I love doing for others; it makes me happy. I also have a 13 year old son named Michael. He is so bright, loving, and caring. I didn’t truly know what love was until the day he was born and everything changed. Jason and Michael have a great relationship. It is a good feeling knowing that you have found a man who not only loves you, but also loves your child. Jason loves to do for Michael and I.  He puts us before himself. He wants Michael to feel safe, secure, and loved. He wants me to be happy at all times. We all know it’s not possible to be happy all the time, but he still tries. Jason and I are both healthy and love life. We have the same morals and values. And we love our families dearly. Having a baby is the next chapter of our life.
Trying to make this next chapter happen lead my husband to do a lot of research, which lead him to Dr. Sher’s blog. My husband wanted me to call for a second opinion on our abnormal frozen embryos. I called and spoke with Mrs. Patti, she said Dr. Sher would be out for two weeks working with patients and that she could fit me in for an afternoon appointment that day only or I could wait until he got back. I was so excited that I would be able to have a consult immediately, I took it. After talking for an hour with Dr. Sher, I decided that I didn’t want just a second opinion, I wanted him to be my IVF doctor. It didn’t seem possible because the closest facility would be in New York. And I was a little nervous about traveling that far for IVF. I called back and spoke to Mrs. Patti, asking questions and getting more information. She answered every time. And she made me feel calm and at ease about my concerns with travel. She also said that I could call and text Dr. Sher any questions or concerns that I had and he would get back to me the same day. And to my amazement, he did. He answered all my questions, even the ones that I didn’t feel comfortable to ask. I talked everything over with my husband and explained to him what Dr. Sher had advised me of, I knew it was possible and that it was going to be really good for us. For the first time, I felt like a doctor was really treating me and my husband with a unique plan based on all of our medical history, his expertise and experience. I knew I was in the right place, right time, and right doctor. The next step was working with the financial coordinator. This can be very stressful and overwhelming. My medical insurance covered one more egg retrieval, biopsy for PGT/S, and one transfer. However, I couldn’t get a straight answer about whether or not I was covered to go out of state to New York. It was so frustrating. I called Yari, she is my financial coordinator at SFS- New York. She got a denial on the coverage. After telling her what I was dealing with, she reapplied for the preauthorization, called, and worked on my case like no other had. And then she called me to say that it was approved. Yari had to go the extra mile for me. Not because I asked her, but because that is what she does every time for every patient. The rest of the staff at SFS- New York make an emotional and challenging experience like IVF, less stressful with their kindness and compassion. Bushra, my nurse helped me find a hotel 2 blocks from the facility and answered all my calls. She is a very friendly and caring nurse. The ladies at the front desk are always smiling. The phlebotomist made giving blood a quick and easy process. And I hate needles and have had others who have to re-stick me several times, making it painful and leaving bruises. She was able to get the blood the first time.
In conclusion, I know this is an extremely long review, but this will be one of the most important decisions you make on your own or with a partner. This is a very emotional journey for most, mainly due to the medications. But, also because you know how much you want to start a family and how hard you have tried. Even if you handle stress well, it’s still there. It’s comforting to me that I have Dr. Sher, Mrs. Patti, and the rest of the SFS- New York staff on my side for me and my husband.
It is unknown what our outcome will be, but I know Dr. Sher is giving us the best protocol. I believe in what Dr. Sher told me the day I decided he was the doctor for me. He basically said that with faith, science, and a plan, he would do everything he could to help us have a baby.

Rebecca and Jason Hughes
Savannah, GA

I had a second opinion

I had a second opinion call with Dr Sher after my first egg retrieval was unsuccessful. In the one hour call I learned more about fertility and my specific case than I had at the many appointments with my current doctor. Dr. Sher is a wealth of knowledge and opened my eyes to additional possibilities for my future protocol. It’s clear he truly cares and wants to educate and help women in their journeys. I am so grateful for the conversation and am sure we will continue to stay in touch.

Meaghan F
New York

I am beyond thrilled that

I am beyond thrilled that we found Dr. Sher. My husband and I only recently started our IVF journey, with me having been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (AMH of .54) a few months ago. After our first failed IVF attempt, I was left feeling dissatisfied with my previous Dr. because we received very little analysis, and I felt pushed to fit into a cookie-cutter protocol for the 2nd go-around. I was hesitant. I stumbled across Dr. Sher’s blog and many informative videos on IVF protocols, DOR etc. . I decided a consult with him wouldn’t hurt. Patti responded immediately and helped me set up a zoom call that very next day (knowing I was under time pressure to make a decision with my now former Dr.). After speaking to Dr. Sher over a video call (that lasted an HOUR), he impressed upon us the importance of an individualized plan. I was shocked that he took the time to review all of my numbers and prior IVF history and provide us with an INDIVIDUALIZED roadmap that we could take to our current Dr. Except that we chose not to go back! Dr. Sher is very knowledgeable and more importantly, he takes the time to review your own personal history and provide feedback on what approach he thinks is best suited for you. If you want individualized care, and don’t want to just be put in a “one-size fits all box”, he is the right Dr. for you.

I will update again after my cycle is complete, however. I cannot say enough positive things about his staff, my Nurse, Patti; everyone has been on top of it! Very encouraging so far.


I’m so happy I found

I’m so happy I found Dr. Sher! After so many IVF failures, I am on the right track now to finally have my second child! Patti, his coordinator is so wonderful and responsive ! They make a fantastic team ! Thank you both ! 🙂

Hilary Luinstra

Dr Sher was amazing!

Dr Sher was amazing! It felt so good to speak to someone who understands the problems I am having. The best is he has solutions to fix them!

Dr Sher and I had a consult via FaceTime. He gave me detailed explanations of the potential causes of failed implantation and helped me set up a plan to move forward. He explained everything in great detail which I appreciated so much. He then listened to me and answered all of my questions thoroughly so I ended the conversation feeling satisfied and hopeful.

Listening to him speak was great! He is very passionate about reproductive immunology and it’s evident by the way he explains it.

Patti, his secretary is so nice! She was very helpful in setting up the appointment and with other aspects. She is great!

I am so fortunate to be working with Dr Sher and Patti. I only wish I would have found him before I started my IVF journey. But am happy that I have him in my corner now. Thank you Dr Sher and Patti. I appreciate you both.


Is it possible to say

Is it possible to say thank you enough for Dr Sher and his team? We will be eternally grateful for the wealth of knowledge that was provided prior to the IVF process, the attention to detail in timing and medication and the helpfulness throughout. Our baby girl made her arrival after two cycles and we feel extremely blessed! Thanks again Dr Sher & team!

Lauren Becerra
Austin Tx

I can’t put into words

I can’t put into words how much it meant to me to speak with Dr. Sher and to finally feel heard after all these years of advocating for myself. At last, after getting nowhere with my RE, Rheumatologist and OBGYN and PCP re: my immunology questions/concerns I finally found a doctor who was able to address all my worries and make a plan for moving forward. Dr. Sher did a wonderful job of explaining everything to me. It is extremely evident that he is very passionate about his life’s work. The confidence he exudes about his vast knowledge is delivered in such a kind and compassionate manner- and that makes a difference!

New patient
New England- USA

Highly recommend Dr. Sher!

Highly recommend Dr. Sher!
Over the past year my husband and I have consulted 4 times with Dr. Sher. It’s always been a highlight for us. Dr. Sher has a wealth of knowledge to share and is very down to earth. He pointed us several times in a direction we hadn’t gone before and suggested tests we had not yet considered. Each time he followed up with test result interpretations and a course of action in terms of protocol. We are extremely grateful to have access to him via his Skype consultations, despite living on the other side of the planet! I highly recommend anyone who feels stuck to consult with him and get a second opinion. And last but not least, Patti his assistant, is the kindest human being and most helpful in organizing these Skype consultations. What a team they make! Thank you both so much!!

L. Bahri
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We came to Dr Sher

We came to Dr Sher looking for help with a thin uterine lining and recurrent miscarriage. He has been extremely thorough and helpful in our journey. He has provided a ton of great information, and we feel comfortable and confident with his care and guidance. We are so grateful for his help and his review of our case!!!

Christine Coleman
Duluth, MN

We are forever grateful to

We are forever grateful to Dr Sher and his team for our son, who just turned one! We went through three fertility clinics, did multiple IUIs and IVFs. Whereas in other clinics, doctors stressed my age as a main factor of infertility; Dr Sher suggested that the medication protocol has a paramount importance. Our son was conceived on the very first IVF attempt with Dr Sher clinic. Unbounded gratitude to Dr Sher for our little miracle boy!

Alena Patsenka
Madison Wisconsin

My husband and I had

My husband and I had been TTC for 10 years. I have Hashimotos, DOR, egg factor issues and a list of other issues including the fact that I am now 42 and my husband is 50. We went through 8 IVF rounds in Texas with no success, (starting in 2014-2020). After researching online in 2020, I came across a YouTube video where Dr. Sher discussed his protocol for DOR/Hashimotos. I gave him a call right away.
Using his protocol through Sher Fertility Institute at NYC, I have had the best results! He teamed up with Dr. Tortoriello in NY and came up with a very detailed and customized protocol for our issues. I quickly realized that we had been using protocols that were not right for us. We had even previously had trouble finding anyone that would even acknowledge Hashimotos might be an issue, for example!

Using Dr. Sher and Dr. T.’s protocol, there were more eggs retrieved, and on my 2nd IVF round we were able to transfer a high grade embryo for the first time! We are now 6 weeks pregnant and we could not be happier! I only wish I would have found him & his team sooner!! We were really about to give up and I am so thankful God allowed us to cross paths with Dr. Sher! He is so supportive, extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend working with him!

Lili Smith
Houston, TX

After scouring the Internet for

After scouring the Internet for some guidance as to why I was having trouble giving my daughter a sibling, I found Dr. Sher’s website. After reading everything I could, I had a hunch that NK cells were at play and keeping me from having a healthy pregnancy. I had been through 4 losses with unexplained secondary infertility before starting IVF. We had two textbook “perfect” FET’s fail. Then I called Patti (who is absolutely wonderful!) to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sher.

Dr. Sher was very thorough in reviewing my history. He was thoughtful in speaking with me during our consultation and spent time to connect with my local RE to review lab results and protocol. We just had our third FET last week and it was successful using Dr. Sher’s protocol for Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction (IID).

I cannot thank Dr. Sher enough for giving me hope again that I can have a healthy baby. My words will fail to express how much gratitude and how thankful I am for his work.


I’m 42 and after almost

I’m 42 and after almost 5 years of trying (two other clinics and 3 doctors-in Canada) , Dr Sher’s protocol measures – Worked! First transfer, I am pregnant with a baby boy. We cant wait. 🙂
Note if you are from Canada, Dr. Sher’s level of detail is far more advanced. They can not do in Canada what he did in the USA. 100% I would not have become pregnant if I stayed in the Canadian system.

Michelle Christie
Moose Jaw, SK

Dr Sher, Patti and

Dr Sher, Patti and the entire staff of Sher fertility solutions are God’s sent. To Patti, thank you so much for your patience and kindness towards everyone that comes to you to get to Dr Sher. You go above and beyond in making sure that problems and concerns are addressed. To Dr Sher, I am forever grateful for your knowledge dealing with infertility.

I have gone through multiple IVF circles and also had multiple implantation failures. I almost gave up on the idea of expanding my family. With God’s help, I took my case into my hands and started Googling. I came across Sher fertility solutions. Immediately I scheduled consultation appointment with Dr Sher with Patti’s assistance. Dr Sher ordered multiple tests that I needed to complete and I am so proud of myself that I listened to Dr Sher. My results showed that I have high NATURAL KILLER CELLS and that is causing my implantation failures even with normal PGD tested embryos. What a break through for me.!!!! The best part of Dr Sher is that he is over willing to work with your physicians anywhere you are. Dr Sher worked with my reproductive endocrinologist and Dr Sher’s protocols were followed. I can tell you that after my journey of failures and tears, I am finally pregnant. Just using Dr Sher’s protocols, I got BFP. Anyone reading this review, please don’t give up, work with Dr Sher and you will never ever regret it. My review is not over yet!

Nneka R

My experience with Dr Sher

My experience with Dr Sher and Patti has been brilliant. I still have some way to go on my fertility journey but with the help of Dr Sher, my local doctor in Dubai and Patti, for the first time in 5 IVF rounds, I have a genetically tested day 5 blastocyst.

Dr Sher is brilliant – he is so thorough and detailed. He reviewed all of my medical notes and was able to quickly pinpoint where I had gone wrong in previous cycles. He followed up with me on emails and calls and I was able to comfortably ask him as many questions as I liked.

Most importantly, he agreed to have a call with my brilliant doctor in Dubai and both of them came up with a plan with Dr Sher’s invaluable knowledge. My doctor was also very impressed and pleased to have spoken to Dr Sher – and particularly impressed by how humble and down to earth he is.

Dr Sher is personable and compassionate and I am so lucky to have found a doctor like him who is willing to support me on my journey, take time out to speak to my doctor in the UAE and guide us as much as possible.

Patti – You really are one in a million. Thank you for making this whole process so seamless for me and for caring so much about the outcome!

For anyone struggling on their fertility journey, I would absolutely recommend Dr Sher. Even if you are not located close by, arrange a call with him and get a second opinion. Be open with your own doctor and discuss it with him – i think any good doctor would be more than open to speaking to Dr Sher given his wealth of experience and take his suggestions on board. As I say, my doctor in Dubai was more than open to it and we are all very pleased with the outcome of this round! Now onto the next step!

Middle East
Ellizabeth A San Francisco CA

I sought out Dr. Sher after a failed IVF cycle in San Diego that included 3 FETs with 5 PGS tested normal blastocysts. My doctor, who was a friendly and lovely person, wanted to use the exact same protocol for a second round of IVF as we did for the first. You know what they say about the definition if insanity … doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. After scouring the internet, I came across Dr. Sher and his extensive, readily-available articles on immunological reasons for implantation failure. And he was right there is Las Vegas (well not right there…it was a five hour drive.) But every mile was worth it because after one egg retrieval and one FET (I’ve never done fresh transfers because I am high risk for OHSS), I was pregnant with my daughter who is now a energetic two-year-old!!

Fast-forward to late 2019/ early 2020, I was ready to try for a second baby, and I thought Dr. Sher had retired, because I knew that we were among the last patients he saw. So, I started a new round of IVF with a different doctor, using a protocol similar to the one we used with Dr. Sher. But after two early miscarriages, I was scouring the internet again, only to find out that Dr. Sher’s retirement hadn’t lasted (too many years of knowledge to keep to himself), and he was actually at it again! We are beginning a round of testing to help pinpoint what is going on, though he already has a specific and clearly laid out idea of what he believes is happening.

And that is really the difference between Dr. Sher and the two other doctors we’ve seen: an abundance of information, attention to every detail, an individualized protocol and approach, unparalleled communication (he gives you his personal number), and me being left with the feeling that he is actually listening.

Julia C. Prospect, KY

I found Dr. Sher after spending nearly 4 years spinning my wheels with secondary infertility, IVF, recurrent pregnancy loss, and failed embryo transfers. We were on the verge of calling it quits before I came across some of his case studies that sounded quite familiar to my medical history and experiences. I reached out to Patti on a whim and gratefully got in quickly for a Skype consult on a cancellation. He had thoroughly reviewed my entire reproductive medical history, which in and of itself felt so very validating. When he said “I suspect I know what your issues are and have seen many cases like this before” I nearly fainted. He recommended testing via reprosource to confirm what he suspected. We conceived unbeknownst to us in the same time period and with the lab results coming back confirming what Dr Sher suspected, we were able to onboard an immune protocol and for the first time after three consecutive losses made it past our first ultrasound. We welcomed our happy healthy baby last year. Having the answers gave me such peace of mind  and hope. And now the final piece of our little family is complete.

S. A. London, United Kingdom

I’ve had a brilliant first interaction with Dr Sher and his amazing P.A, the wonderful Patti. Patti went out of her way to ensure that Dr Sher called us at a time that worked for us given the time difference. Dr Sher was (it goes without saying) extremely knowledgeable and built a rapport quickly. He was able to pinpoint what has gone wrong with my previous four cycles and very helpfully suggested changes for the next cycle including emailing me suggestions. We are based in the Middle East and following our interaction with Dr Sher, we would love for him to work alongside our doctor to help us fulfill our dreams. He had so much experience and knowledge and speaking to him has given me hope again after what has been a long and difficult journey! So thank you, and thank you Patti for making the process so seamless.

Hannah J. Nashville, TN

Working with Dr. Sher and Patti has been delightful. Patti handles all the organization aspects and is thorough, responsive and compassionate. Like most patients who go to Dr. Sher, we have been through the ringer at another fertility clinic, where we felt more like a number than a person. Patti especially has made this experience just the opposite. She calls to check in and when we had a very frustrating miscommunication with LAIVF (the fertility clinic that Dr. Sher is doing his cycles at) Patti was our advocate and made sure to bring the situation to a good resolution, working behind the scenes with all parties involved. Dr. Sher is thorough, knowledgeable and responsive, and what I appreciate most is that he treats us like intelligent people who have the capability to understand the complex medical situation. We found Dr. Sher because of his work researching and treating immunological implantation dysfunction which is something that many fertility clinics still don’t acknowledge. After years of “unexplained” fertility, Dr. Sher was able to give us a diagnosis and hope for the first time. He gave us his personal cell number and responded when I called him. It’s never any fun to experience fertility problems, and no one would choose this, but if you need to IVF and your local doctors can’t figure it out or do not listen to you, I’d recommend reaching out to Dr. Sher for a consultation. While I have not gone through the IVF process with him yet, we will be soon and are hopeful for a positive pregnancy test.

K. M. Grosse Point, MI

I found Sher Fertility Solutions after multiple failed and canceled cycles at a clinic with a one size fits all protocol. Dr. Sher takes many factors into account and does extensive blood-work for his patients in order to find the most suitable individualized protocol for them. I truly feel he has each of his patient’s best interests at heart and sincerely appreciate his direct honesty. He moved quickly and effectively and I never felt like I was waiting around for answers. Dr. Sher doesn’t make any promises he cannot keep and sincerely cares about each of his patients.

Patti is absolutely fantastic, I can only imagine how busy she is managing all of Dr. Sher’s patients but she is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and attentive. Any time I have had a question or needed to speak to Dr. Sher or schedule a call quickly, she is always available and quick to act.

Dr. Sher and Patti make an excellent team and truly make me feel like I am part of a concierge-style program instead of just another medical chart. I cannot recommend Sher Fertility Solutions more highly.

Thuy L. Santa Rosa, CA

My sister used Dr. Sher and had nothing but good things to say about him, so when I heard he was still taking on cases, I reached out after 4 failed IVF cycles with my previous doctor. I immediately knew from quick and easy conversations with Patti and Dr. Sher that he was the doctor for me. Dr. Sher is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and always makes you feel like you are special. His support staff are super knowledgeable as well and always kept me updated on my progress.
Although our first cycle with Dr. Sher was unsuccessful, it was an easy decision to continue working with Dr. Sher for our next cycle. He brings extra hope in our journey of building a family.

Brittany L. Midland, MI

We just started working with Dr. Sher and are really happy with him as a doctor. We will begin cycling with him in late November in LA. His personal assistant Patti is wonderful and so very helpful! All the tests and paperwork that have to be done prior to cycling have been simple and done in a timely manner. So far I am very happy with Dr. Sher and his staff!